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Terms & Conditions

To help us provide you with the very best services at the fairest price points possible for the quality of this service and to avoid confusion and misunderstandings, we ask that you read the Terms & Conditions (the "Terms") below as we perpetually assume full acknowledgment of and agreement with all Terms.


The Terms & Conditions below, thus, apply to the use of this website, any contextual product services, as well as any form of communication related to the fulfillment of the service related to Island Internships - a product and registered trademark of Action Not Words PT. All Terms detailed henceforth, represent a legally binding contract (§3 Contract Validity).

Intellectual Property Ownership

Skip this section if you are are student / participant / individual, without competitively malicious intent.

The website, its related brand "Island Internships" content, words, structure, organisation, code, means of mediation or matching participants with businesses, terms & conditions, other legal instruments, as well as any other associated information are the intellectual property of and are solely owned by Action Not Words PT. This property is considered fundamental to successful business operations and constitutes valuable trade secrets and confidential information of Action Not Words PT. Consequentially, no third party is granted or permitted any intellectual property rights regardless of context, reason and under any other circumstance. All rights are solely reserved by Action Not Words PT.

While any other section pertains to the parties (a) Action Not Words and (b) the Participant(s) as defined in §1-3, the intellectual property ownership rights, protection and associated legal consequences are applicable to every individual or legal entity that uses this website or its associated information for unsolicited, competitively malicious intent. Unsolicited, competitively malicious intent is defined as copying or adjusting a competitor's business and/or online presence with any of Action Not Words PT's content / words / imagery / structure / organisation / mediation procedure / any other associated information, browsing the website or any other related medium of Island Internships with aim of inspiration / ideas to improve a competitor's business, as well as any other action that may impose competitive threats at the cost of a breach in intellectual property ownership rights. The same applies for any individual that acts with such intent and the purpose to forward this to a third party of competitive nature.


Any such behaviour is strictly prohibited. The slightest sign of such behaviour will be indisputably prosecuted and will result in legal consequences in court, without exception. Our thorough protection of this intellectual property and dedicated resources ensures us confident, severely unattractive consequences for any such unsolicited actor in any such event.

§1 Contracting Parties

Action Not Words PT ("Island Internships”, "we”, or "us"), located in Bali, Indonesia, and any individual that engages with Island Internship’s services (“participant”, “you”) are the sole parties in the effective contract that assumes the intent of the participant’s internship placement in Indonesia by means of mediation by Action Not Words PT.

§2 Nature of Contract

2.1 Island Internships solely provides a mediation service between the participant(s) and the business(es) in which the former may be placed for an abroad internship. Any service beyond this mediation process is extended to third party contractors that hold all associated risk and liability. The participant(s) enjoy full benefits of all services, whereas Action Not Words PT acts solely as a facilitator between these parties to ensure the expected quality of any correlating service without the liability associated with any services beyond this mediation process.


2.2 Any responsibility associated with the participant’s service demands beyond this mediation service are borne only by the participant and the service provider from whom the fulfillment of these demands are expected. This applies to the services listed on the packages page (§5 Contract Services), as well as any independently pursued services that are necessary to partake in the placement of an internship in Indonesia (e.g. flights, insurance, etc.).


2.3 Depending on the packages purchased, participants receive comprehensive support and guidance for these additional (e.g. visa), as well as independently pursued services (e.g. flights) to ensure an easy and worry-free process.

§3 Contract Validity

3.1 All terms & conditions are considered as acknowledged from any moment in which this website or its related services are in use by any potential participant and effective immediately as soon as the registration form is submitted. Upon this registration, the potential participant is considered a contracting participant.


3.2 While this contract assumes the intent of the participant’s internship placement in Indonesia by means of mediation by Action Not Words PT, it does not constitute a guarantee. The communicated “guarantee” within the website or any marketing material refers to the money-back guarantee in situations of unsuccessful placement from a lacking availability of suitable positions (§10 Refund Policy & Money-Back Guarantee).

§4 Mediation and Placement Procedure

4.1 The participants placement procedure begins upon successful registration of and the registration fee receipt from the participant. In cases where this fee is waived due to promotional efforts, the mediation begins solely with a completed registration. The mediation procedure is comprised of the following:

  • Participant completes registration form

  • Participant schedules the consultation via Calendly call to view internship option(s)

  • On the call: participant chooses the preferred internship & specifies the preferred package

  • Participant receives an invoice for the preferred package & a payment link to the bank transfer information page

  • Participant confirms the chosen internship by purchasing their preferred package via bank transfer

  • Once the money arrives in our bank account, the participant receives a confirmation email with the purchase receipt and the following steps (travel preparation, company contact details, guidance, as well as support according to the package purchased, etc.)


4.2 Action Not Words PT aims to provide the personalized internship selection during the consultation call as close to the participants profile as possible, although it does not constitute a guaranteed match. In case of difficult matchmaking and/or an inability to place the student due to a lack of available positions or other difficulties, the contract is disbanded and resolved through the money-back-guarantee as specified in §10.


4.3 While the website and marketing material communicates a personalized internship selection of three options, it does not mandate a guaranteed fulfillment of this count. In case of insufficient availability of positions, difficulty of matching the student, or any other reason, less than three options may also be presented on the consultation call.


4.4 Since the personalized internship selection provided is reserved to the participant, it restricts opportunity for other participants. To offer equal opportunity among all participants the reservation of the provided internship options are valid until either:

A: The participant makes a purchase after which the reservation on the forgone internships options is lifted, or;

B: The specified time period passes in which the internship options are reserved. The standard period is 24 hours, but may be altered and/or extended as a result of special circumstances.


4.5 All presented internship options are based on the information of the partnered organization. Action Not Words PT is not liable for this information.

§5 Contract Services

5.1 The full range of services that comprise each package are listed on the “packages” page of Island Internships’ web presence. These services are composed of, both, the mediation service as defined in §2, as well as further third party contractors that perform any other service listed as detailed in §5.4.


5.2 We reserve the right to adjust the context and range of these services detailed within each package any time without notifying the participants. Action Not Words PT and related third party contractors are not liable for shifts in internship dates.


5.3 As defined in §2, Action Not Words PT only acts as a mediator for participants that seek internship placement in Indonesian companies as well as further service, as provided by third party contractors. Thus, we are only responsible for the mediation service itself - not for any services beyond that as they are performed by the corresponding third party.


5.4 The context and extent to which any of these further services are performed by third party contractors are summarized and detailed as follows:

  • Community Chat (provision of a chat medium to ease the communication between interns within the same region)

  • Accommodation Assistance (granting access to an exclusive database of partners with rooms at a variety of different quality of life, location, and discounted price points - ongoing accommodation costs are the responsibility of the participant)

  • Visa Assistance (comprehensive support by a dedicated third party contractor to ease the application & extension process - visa costs are the responsibility of the participant)

  • Insurance Assistance (access to an informative list of options to make an educated decision for the participant’s insurance during the time in Indonesia - ongoing insurance costs are the responsibility of the participant)

  • Scooter Assistance (granting access to an exclusive database of partners with variety of scooters at competitive price points - ongoing scooter rental costs are the responsibility of the participant)

  • Orientation & Introduction Day (facilitation of get-together(s) among all participants to meet and befriend like-minded people and fellow interns)

  • Welcome & Information Package (access to an informative PDF to make the arrival in a foreign country easier and life safer)

  • Airport Pickup & Transfer (pick up and transfer by a third party contractor)

  • SIM card support & activation (SIM card assistance by a third party contractor, either at the airport or at a list of electronic shops that participants can approach post-arrival, assurance of not getting overcharged due to our trusted network - ongoing SIM card costs are the responsibility of the participant)

  • 24/7 emergency support (in case participants find themselves in insurmountable situations without any other accessible help, our staff aims to be on standby as a contact person to provide input specific to the situation and provide assistance through information (e.g. hospital recommendation) - as per §17 any liability lies within the participant)

  • Adventures (refers to field trips that showcase beautiful areas around the island, these trips are mediated on a frequent basis and are offered as additional purchases, participants that purchase the explore package are eligible for 5 of these trips free of charge)


5.5 If participants do not actively engage with any of the services as provided accessible by third party contractors and/or Action Not Words PT, the lack of service utility and any correlating consequence (e.g. additional expenses due to late preparation) is borne solely by the participant for not actively pursuing the assistance or utility provided within these services.

§6 Contract Completion

6.1 Any mediated internship is ensued by the signature of relevant documents with the host company (also with e-signature). This signature is mandatory to enjoy the full spectrum of the mediation service of Island Internships. The documents that need your signature are as follows:

  • Internship work contract (protecting your work rights & ensuring conformity with your university regulation)

  • Liability agreement (taking responsibility for your own actions)

  • Non-disclosure agreement (protecting the company data)

These documents are separate from Island Internships’ area of responsibility and solely signed between the participant and the partnered host company. The participant hereby acknowledges and agrees that the partnered host company is deemed the actual contractual partner for all services provided within the internship itself.


6.2 A refusal or negligence of signing these documents is borne by the participant and the host company. The contract between the participant and Island Internships is considered as completed either (A) upon successful signature on all relevant documents or (B) if the participant neglects / refuses to sign these documents.


6.3 Island Internships may still act as a facilitator between the participant(s) and any subsequent third party services such as field trips, events, or community gatherings to ensure that all participants enjoy a wide spectrum of services & quality experiences during their time in Indonesia. However, Action Not Words PT holds no liability for any of these services, since the successful mediation service renders the contract as complete.

​​§7 Internship Commence Date & Duration

7.1 Participants need to specify a preferred start date & duration that is forwarded to the host company to which the student is matched during the registration process. These dates are not fixed and may vary until they are finalized within the signed contract as per the discussion between the host company & student on the get-to-know call that both parties need to facilitate before the internship commences.


7.2 If the start date needs to be postponed, or the duration of the internship altered, the facilitation and responsibility of this is borne by the student and the corresponding host company. As such, the student is expected to raise any request immediately to the company to facilitate eventual terms alteration within an updated work contract. Island Internships is not attributed a role in this process.


7.3 Conflicts that may arise as a result of an alteration of dates & duration are borne solely by the participant. Island Internships can not be held liable and refunds are not possible in this case (§10 Refund Policy & Money-Back Guarantee).

§8 Package Fees

8.1 All package purchases are preceded by a 25€ reservation fee to ensure and qualify the interest in any of our packages. This fee may be waived during promotional efforts.


8.2 Details of all package fees are listed on the “packages” page of Island Internships. The fees associated with these packages cover the placement fee of any mediation by Island Internships, albeit limited to this, as additional fees of third party contractors still apply as defined in §5 Contract Services.


8.3 All pricing details of these packages are accurate at the date published, although affiliate or other marketing promotional activities (e.g. refer a friend) may occasionally grant additional price reduction, applicable to participants that partake in these marketing activities.


8.4 Packages can be upgraded to the next package tier post-payment, if the participant deems the additional service as beneficial (e.g. changing from “regular” to “worry-free”). In these situations the difference to the next package tier is invoiced & needs to be paid by means of bank transfer to enjoy these additional benefits.


  • 8.4.1 In case of late upgrades (less than 30 days before start date), we reserve the right to charge a 75 Euro late-change fee to ensure that any related service (e.g. visa assistance) can be processed in time.

  • 8.4.2 We also reserve the right to not accept upgrades anymore if we consider it too difficult / impossible to fulfill these third party services in case of unreasonably short time frames.

§9 Payment

9.1 Participants that use Action Not Words PT mediation services, receive an invoice to settle the associated package fees (§8) as selected by the participant by means of bank transfer. Each participant receives a payment link to the bank transfer information page after their consultation. The personalized internship selection is reserved on a time-restricted basis in which payment must take place to guarantee the preferred internship (§4 Mediation and Placement Procedure).


9.2 Additional discounts may be applied in special contexts, such as the participation in marketing efforts (e.g.“refer a friend”). In these cases this discount will be issued on the invoice.


9.3 Once the money arrives in our bank account, the participant receives a confirmation email with the purchase receipt.


9.4 Since participants may still select different packages through the payment link (/almost-there), the participant’s purchase is allowed to deviate from the issued invoice in favor of another package (e.g. purchase “explore” instead of “worry-free”, despite receiving an invoice for “worry-free”). In this case an updated invoice will be issued to the participant post-payment to ensure conformity with the ensuing purchase receipt and any book-keeping efforts.

§10 Refund Policy & Money-Back Guarantee

10.1 As a gesture of good will, Action Not Words PT offers a full money-back-guarantee. The full money-back-guarantee consists of, both, the reservation fee as well as the package fee (= 100%) but is limited to and applies solely in the context of unsuccessful placement due to a lacking availability of positions that Island Internships may provide. The participant is not eligible for a full money-back-guarantee if provided internship offers are rejected or if he wishes to cancel / withdraw for any other reason despite full payment. To settle refunds in this case, §10.3 applies.


10.2 The reservation fee ensures and qualifies the interest in any of our packages. As such this fee may not be refunded if participants do not partake in a consultation call / do not take advantage of the provided internship selection / forgo any package purchase. The non-refundability of this fee aims to off-set the service efforts as provided by our staff.


10.3 If a participant wishes to cancel after the selected internship is already confirmed with a purchased package, the following refund policy applies:


10.3.1 At least 75 days before the expected internship commence date: the participant receives a refund for his purchase from which a cancellation fee is deducted valued at 45% of the purchased package, the reservation fee is not refundable in this context.

10.3.2 45 to 74 days before the expected internship commence date: the participant receives a refund for his purchase from which a cancellation fee is deducted valued at 65% of the purchased package, the reservation fee is not refundable in this context.

10.3.3 25 to 44 days before the expected internship commence date: the participant receives a refund for his purchase from which a cancellation fee is deducted valued at 85% of the purchased package, the reservation fee is not refundable in this context.

10.3.4 Less than 25 days before the expected internship commence date: No refund may be issued as the mediation process has been taken advantage of and since it progressed too far at the cost of host company expectation, as well as human & financial resources. The reservation fee is not refundable in this context.

10.3.5 After the internship commence date: No refund may be issued as the mediation process has been taken fully advantage of & is considered as complete as per §6.


10.4 As for fees that are attributed to services by third party contractors as listed within Island Internships packages (e.g. visa assistance) - neither these third party contractors, nor Action Not Words PT can be held liable. Any such fees are non-refundable and borne by the participant. Refunds for fees that have already been paid to any independently pursued third party services are the sole responsibility between this service provider and the participant (e.g. transport costs, booking fees). 


10.5 In case a cancellation is initiated due to an invalid / false / unsuccessful country entry permit (visa), no fee can be refunded.


10.6 Action Not Words PT can not be held liable for any damage or financial loss that participants may incur during the internship due to unusual or unforeseeable circumstances (force majeure).

§11 Deficient Internship Placement

If the mediated internship does not appear as expected, in spite of completed mediation between the participant and the host company by Action Not Words PT Internships, the participant needs to request remedy immediately. In this case Action Not Words PT will review the situation and may attempt further mediation between both parties, even though it is not obligatory or an area of liability of Action Not Words PT.

§12 Entry Documents

12.1 The participant is solely responsible for the visa application and other documents required for entering Indonesia, although comprehensive support is provided by our contracting third parties when packages are purchased that provide “visa assistance” (§5 Contract Services).


12.2 Any consequences that relate to the inability to enter Indonesia or accept the mediated internship placement (e.g. additional travel expenses or cancellation fees in case of cancellation (§10)) is solely borne by the participant. This also applies if the participant is not entitled to receive a visa, does not receive the visa in time, or does not carry all necessary documents when traveling abroad. We, therefore, recommend all participants to select either the “worry-free” or “explore” package instead of the “regular” package to minimize risks and ensure a seamless process with comprehensive support.

§13 Monetary Compensation of Participants

Action Not Words PT does not condone, support or incentify any illegal activity. To protect both contracting parties and to abide by Indonesia’s immigration and department of labor laws and regulations, participants are prohibited from receiving any kind of monetary compensation that originates from within Indonesia. Unpaid internships do not warrant a refund / cancellation (§10).

§14 Termination

14.1 Action Not Words PT reserves the right to terminate any contract effective immediately within circumstances in which participants show inappropriate behavior that may affect the placement procedure negatively. This also includes participants not replying to emails / WhatsApp, incorrectly provided information, as well as the withholding of information relevant to the mediation process. 


14.2 Action Not Words PT reserves the right to terminate the contract prior to a successful placement, if the participant rejects three internship options. In this case the registration fee will not be refunded.


14.3 Action Not Words PT reserves the right to terminate the contract prior to as well as after a successful placement, if the participant is rejected by host companies during the placement procedure due to unprofessional behaviour and/or insufficient skills for the selected internship. In this case neither the package fees, nor the registration fee can be refunded.


14.4 Participants that display inappropriate behavior are not eligible for the money-back-guarantee or other refunds (§10).


14.5  Action Not Words PT reserves the right to exclude any participant that displays inappropriate behaviour from any further services.

§15 Insurance

International health insurance, indemnity insurance and accident insurance are mandatory for the whole period of every participant. Though Action Not Words PT does not offer insurance of any kind as part of the service. Depending on the package purchased, assistance may be provided that is limited solely to the provision of information. The responsibility of getting acquainted with the medical guidelines, vaccinations or other risks associated with the travel to Indonesia lies solely within the participant.

§16 Variation of Terms

Action Not Words PT is permitted to revise these Terms at any time as it sees fit or to improve the product experience provided by Island Internships. By using this website any participant is expected to review such Terms on a regular basis to ensure full understanding of all Terms and conditions governing the use of this website or the related product services of Island Internships.

§17 Limitation of Liability

17.1 Action Not Words PT can not be held liable for any context outside their area of responsibilities and is limited solely to the mediation service as defined in §2. Given the eligibility of all participants implying a legal age of 18 years or above, any activities of participants prior to, during, or after their stay in Indonesia are at their own risk, responsibility & liability due to the legal age of majority.


17.2 Action Not Words PT and its staff can not be held liable for any damages caused by third party persons with which the participant is involved. This, thus, also includes traffic accidents, criminal assaults, or other (life) threatening situations associated with socio-cultural context within Indonesia. The participant is obliged to inform themselves sufficiently prior to commencing an internship abroad.


17.3 Any partner that is associated with Action Not Words PT is not obliged to be held liable for any damages caused by the participant during the stay abroad.

§18 Indemnification

Any participant indemnifies to the fullest extent Action Not Words PT from and against any and all liabilities, costs, demands, causes of action, damages and expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees) arising out of or in any way related to your breach of any of the provisions of these Terms.

§19 Statute of Limitations

Any participant of Island Internship’s services agrees that regardless of any statute of laws to the contrary, any claim or cause of action arising out of or related to use of the Service or this Agreement must be filled within one year after such claim or cause of action arose. Such actions shall thereafter be time-barred.

§20 Entire Agreement

These Terms, including any legal notices and disclaimers contained on this website, constitute the entire agreement between Action Not Words PT and any participant in relation to the use of this website, the product services related to Island Internships, and supersede all prior agreements and understandings with respect to the same.

§21 Governing Law & Jurisdiction

These Terms are governed by and defined following the laws of Indonesia. Any participant consents that the courts of Indonesia shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any dispute which may arise in connection with these Terms.

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