Should I go abroad for my internship?

Absolutely! it is one of the very few things in life that helps you massively, both, personally and professionally.

International experience is highly valued among employers and leads to measurably better career prospects. You - quite literally - stand out with an island internship.

Though, all this growth does not only make your resume shine, but also your personality. How many things in life let you enjoy life while having this many positive effects?

Internships abroad are literally life-changing.

We were in your shoes and know how hard it usually is to land an internship abroadBut the game has changed. With island internships it is finally easy, worry-free & guaranteed.

We step in and take care of everything that is usually difficult to land an internship. You send your CV, we do the rest.


Our wide network of the established businesses in Lombok ensures that you not only get the experience you expect, but that you also learn about something that actually interest you in your career.

We'll find you your perfect internship

Can I intern abroad with my study program / degree?

Yes! We offer internships in...

​​✓ Business

​✓ Accounting

​✓ Finance

​✓ Legal

​✓ Marketing

​✓ Sales

✓ Communication

​✓ Teaching & Languages

​✓ Design​ (digital / graphic)

​✓ Photo​- & Videography

​✓ Content Creation

​✓ Hospitality & Tourism

​✓ Journalism

Our promise

We will find you a fitting, dream internship placement at one of our 300+ host companies with a 100% money-back-guarantee.

Digital Nomad

​​✓ Architecture

✓ Engineering

✓ Product Design

​✓ Web Design

​✓ IT

​✓ Sustainability

✓ Social Work

​✓ Medical​ & Nursing

​✓ Veterinary

​✓ Fashion​ & Beauty

​✓ Event Management

​✓ Logistics

... and many more​

Pro Tip:


If your field is not listed here, you can still reach out to us! There's a good chance we can still find you your perfect dream internship placement regardless.

But how does an island internship look like?

Let us sneak peak 2 examples

Yes, we also have way too many internships to list here.

You know what is better?

How about 3 fitting internships to choose from (hand-picked for you).

Schedule a free Consultation.

Money-Back Guarantee

What if we can’t find you a fitting internship? Easy. You get 100% of your money back. Guaranteed. You have nothing to lose - but everything to gain.

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It's easy.

4 steps to my island internship


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