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Here's the thing...

We created Island Internships with the plan to focus on Bali

... and then decided against it

Wait what?

Hear us out a minute

We ourselves lived in Bali and we obviously love it. But seriously. Being in Bali long enough we keep hearing about the same place: Lombok, the island right next to Bali.


Every. One. That. Goes. To. Lombok. Seems to fall in love with it.


Why? It's like Bali 15 years ago. Unspoiled. A tropical paradise with virgin beaches and untouched nature. So, we packed our bags, went there and... Wow. We were mind-blown.


mind blown.

We want to be fully honest with you. Always. So, what's the truth? Why did we plan to focus on Bali?


Well, literally everyone dreams about Bali as a paradise island.

Which it is! You just have to realise:


Word got out and people came - a lot of them. Dangerously crowded traffic, over-population and over-tourism. All of these are a real thing. Regardless, for us? We could just ignore it, right? It is obviously much easier to sell & do marketing for Bali.

It's easy.

Because of the Bali Romance

But instead of chasing the bigger profits and easier sales?

We decided to focus on Lombok

Here's why.

Let's watch this!

It's seriously worth it.

Wow... here's what blows our mind

This? This is Rare.

All of this infrastructure & those beyond perfect conditions. And yet, it is still underrated with little tourism. Let us be clear:

We’ve been traveling through the remotest parts around the world and this?


All of this uncrowded paradise - combined with the safety and quality of such quickly improving infrastructure? This. is. rare.

So, how did this happen? Well, Bali is the center of tropical tourism, accidentally. Their narrow streets & infrastructure was simply not designed to handle this many people.


Lombok sat right next to it. Watching quietly for decades taught them to build Lombok in a way that combines paradise with good infrastructure.

Today? Only one thing is still missing: tourists.

Image by Mink Mingle

It’s a pivotal time window that will not stay like this.

Not many can experience something like this. Ever.

But you can. While it lasts.

Okay, that's all positive. But again, we're fully honest with you.

So let's talk about the negative

Cards on the table: what are you getting yourself into?

Well, what makes it special may also make it lonely: Little tourism. After all, what is paradise island without your peers & friends.


Luckily, that’s where we come in. We are actively changing Lombok with momentum for a healthy amount of tourism to happen.


This means you can experience all the untouched nature of Lombok before it becomes as crowded & no longer unspoiled. Which it will not stay for long.

Until then, we are placing hundreds & thousands of students in Lombok. Together, we are organising community events, weekend adventure trips (letting you in on truly hidden gems), all while giving you easy communication among each other.


You combine your career experience with island memories and life-long friends.


Why? Because everyone who comes to Lombok with Island Internships literally has the whole island for themselves, together. 


Pro Tip:

Bali is literally just a boat ride away. Get the best of both worlds. But be based in Lombok. The island described as the closest to paradise on earth.

Okay, so there'll be many other island interns with me

But where will we live together?


Senggigi is an absolutely breath-taking beach town and honestly, pretty strategically located. Which means: weekend hikes & close-by waterfalls.


Being right next to Mataram, the capital of Lombok, it puts you close to modern malls and all the hustle and bustle of a city. Alternatively, the perfect weekend escape - Gili - is just a 20 min boat ride away. Bali people often call it the best party island in Indonesia.


But of course, there's so much more to all of it. So, how about this. Just send us a WhatsApp & we'll personally help you find you your perfect island home. Promise!


Kuta Mandalika

Okay, how about Mandalika? Well, it quite literally is the up and coming place in Lombok.


The video above? Most of the infrastructure mentioned is in that area. Impressively, they managed to maintain 51% green space throughout all of these ongoing projects. In other words, a state-of-the art approach to infrastructural developments. This beautiful balance with nature is a one-of-a-kind you can call home during your internship. No wonder so many businesses are opening up here.


Can't choose between Kuta & Sengiggi? Don't worry, you can WhatsApp us any time. We will always help to find what suits your needs the best!

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