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The island life is waiting for me.

We'll find you your island internship
in 3 days.

Can I intern abroad with my study program / degree?

Yes! We offer internships in...

​​✓ Business

​✓ Accounting

​✓ Finance

​✓ Legal

​✓ Marketing

​✓ Sales

✓ Communication

​✓ Teaching & Languages

​✓ Design​ (digital, graphic)

​✓ Photo​- & Videography

​✓ Content Creation

​✓ Hospitality & Tourism

​✓ Journalism

Pro Tip:


We will find you a fitting, dream internship placement at one of our 300+ host companies with a 100% money-back-guarantee (even if your field is not listed).

Digital Nomad

​​✓ Architecture

✓ Engineering

✓ Product Design

​✓ Web Design

​✓ IT

​✓ Sustainability

✓ Social Work

​✓ Medical​ & Nursing

​✓ Veterinary

​✓ Fashion​ & Beauty

​✓ Event Management

​✓ Logistics

... and many more​

Palm trees, ocean, sunsets. Living life to the fullest! The best way to do that? Make my island dream real with an internship abroad. 

Internships in a tropical paradise with virgin beaches & untouched nature: That is the island life in Lombok, the new Bali.

Enjoy memories, adventures & community events on a paradise island with hundreds of other island interns, together! 

I can live the island dream

with an island internship

in Lombok,

the new Bali

Should I go abroad with island internships or do it alone?

With island internships it will be Easy. Worry-Free & Guaranteed.

We make it easy. Say goodbye to stressful internship applications, interviews & rejections.


​✓ Internship Placement

✓ Community Chat (make friends)

Accommodation assistance

 B211 Visa assistance

Insurance assistance

Scooter assistance (incl. helmet)

Orientation & Introduction Day

Welcome & Information Package

Airport Pickup & Transfer

SIM card support & activation

24/7 Emergency support

✓ Regular adventures included around the island (true hidden gems & locally held secrets)

A worry-free way to travel with full assistance and 24/7 emergency help before & during your island stay.

We guarantee your internship placement or you get 100% of your money back. That's a promise.

If my university wants me to write a research paper

Get 100% support from the host company​, an internship & research supervisor​ to find a research topic​, time to write during working hours & access to company data to ensure a successful project.

Bonus: How many can look back with a smile because they could write their (graduation) thesis at the beach on a paradise island? 

Image by Sean Oulashin

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Talk with us Personally!

Have a consultation to get 1 step closer to figuring out what you want.

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Talk with us!

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Wow. Any internship I land decides the next 4-6 months of my life!

Let's chat 10-15 min to make sure I make the right decision for me.

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Money-Back Guarantee

What if we can’t find you a fitting internship? Easy. You get 100% of your money back. Guaranteed. You have nothing to lose - but everything to gain.

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