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Giving away 2  
scholarships to Fontys students

Win 1 of 2 internship scholarships worth 1300€

The scholarship includes all this & more!


Internship Placement


E-Visa Assistance


Scooter Assistance


Airport Pickup


Welcome Package


Optional Day Trips


Community Chat


Housing Assistance


Insurance Assistance


SIM Card Assistance


Orientation Day


24/7 Emergency Help

Application Deadline

07 June 2023

I want to participate!


Browse all internships (optional)

If you find an internship you like, let us know in your application to increase your chances.



Apply with the form below to get a chance for your internship scholarship! It's easy.


Winner gets notified!

We will draw & announce 1 foreign and 1 local winner on the 7th of June via email!

Increase your chances by telling us what internship you like

There is no doubt: this is most definitely the coolest hostel ever

There is no doubt: this is most definitely the coolest hostel ever

This host company is much more than a hostel. It's an inclusive space for active people, community, lovers of sport and adventures.

Easy-Apply for your scholarship!

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Awesome, we'll notify the winner soon!

to make sure you get all the latest info

Please reach out to Island Internships if you have questions about the scholarship program

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