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Get a guaranteed internship abroad
offer you'll love.

With an island internship

I can really live the island dream

Palm trees, ocean, sunsets. Living life to the fullest! Yup. Life can be that lit as an island intern.

Live in a tropical paradise with virgin beaches & untouched nature? Check.

Enjoy memories, adventures & events on a paradise island? With other island interns, together.

Build paradise at a real estate invest. company (Student's Favourite)

Build paradise at a real estate invest. company (Student's Favourite)

Be part of Lombok's transformation! Join the team of a key player in the $3bn investment that turns Lombok into the new Bali

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We take care of

the things you care about

University Accredited ✓

We work closely with university regulations to make sure your internship is 100% accredited.

Research Friendly ✓

Need to write a thesis / project? Get full support + time to do it during office hours!

Flexible Start & Duration ✓

Yup. With a flexible start & duration, lining up the semester with your internship is easy. 



You get all this & more!


Internship Placement


E-Visa Assistance


Scooter Assistance


Airport Pickup


Welcome Package


Optional Day Trips


Community Chat


Housing Assistance


Insurance Assistance


SIM Card Assistance


Orientation Day


24/7 Emergency Help

in Lombok,

the new Bali

What will it be like living the island dream?

Here's what our interns say


Laura (23) says

Moving to the island has been life changing! I never realised how much stress I’ve been in until I traded the city life for beaches & sunsets.


Stijn (21) thinks

It's so much cheaper! I spend much less than what I pay in the Netherlands and I get a better quality of life. It's a win-win!!


Loes (22) shares

I love taking the scooter to visit waterfalls and secret beaches on my off-days or after work. I still can't believe that this is my life. I'm glad I came even though this was a scary, big step for me.

Follow the foot steps of other island interns!

Trusted by students globally

With travel-happy students that come

from all kind of universities

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Okay, but should I go abroad with island internships or do it alone?

It's super easy. No more stressful internship applications, interviews or rejections!

A worry-free way to do it. You get assistance and 24/7 emergency help before & during your island stay.

Getting an internship abroad is 100% guaranteed! Or you get your money back. That's a promise.

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Get a guaranteed internship offer on a free discovery call

All internships are filled based on first comes, first served.

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Money-Back Guarantee

What if we can’t find you a fitting internship? Easy. You get 100% of your money back. Guaranteed. You have nothing to lose - but everything to gain.


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