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Get an island internship abroad
in Bali or Lombok!

your search can be over
Join this boutique hotel if you want to redefine luxury hospitality
Join this boutique hotel if you want to redefine luxury hospitality

Company #


Join this boutique hotel if you want to redefine luxury hospitality

Work at this luxury boutique resort. A place where you will be excited to go to work during your stay in paradise.

With an island internship

I can really live the island dream

Palm trees, ocean, sunsets. Living life to the fullest! Yup. Life can be that lit as an island intern.

Live in a tropical paradise with virgin beaches & untouched nature? Check.

Enjoy memories, adventures & events on a paradise island? With other island interns, together.



And most importantly, we take care of

the things you care about

University Accredited ✓

We work closely with university regulations to make sure your internship is 100% accredited.

Research Friendly ✓

Need to write a thesis / project? Get full support + time to do it during office hours!

Flexible Start & Duration ✓

Yup. With a flexible start & duration, lining up the semester with your internship is easy. 

You get all this & more!


Help finding Company


E-Visa Assistance


Scooter Assistance


Airport Pickup


Internship Placement


Housing Assistance


SIM Card Assistance


24/7 Emergency Help

What will it be like living an island dream?

Here's what our interns say


Laura (23) says

Moving to the island has been life changing! I never realised how much stress I’ve been in until I traded the city life for beaches & sunsets.


Stijn (21) thinks

It's so much cheaper! I spend much less than what I pay in the Netherlands and I get a better quality of life. It's a win-win!!


Loes (22) shares

I love taking the scooter to visit waterfalls and secret beaches on my off-days or after work. I still can't believe that this is my life. I'm glad I came even though this was a scary, big step for me.

Follow the foot steps of other island interns!

Trusted by students globally

With travel-happy students that come

from all kind of universities

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Okay, but should I go abroad with island internships or do it alone?

It's super easy. No more stressful internship applications, interviews or rejections!

A worry-free way to do it. You get assistance and 24/7 emergency help before & during your island stay.

Getting an internship abroad is 100% guaranteed! Or you get your money back. That's a promise.

Our internships get filled on a first come, first served basis. Choose First.

Join this boutique hotel if you want to redefine luxury hospitality
Join this boutique hotel if you want to redefine luxury hospitality

Company #


Join this boutique hotel if you want to redefine luxury hospitality

Work at this luxury boutique resort. A place where you will be excited to go to work during your stay in paradise.

Money-Back Guarantee

What if we can’t find you an internship? Easy. You get 100% of your money back. Guaranteed. You have nothing to lose - but everything to gain.


  • How long is the internship and how much will I work?
    Our internships are usually 3-6 months with no more than 40 hours / week (no work on weekends). In several cases internships can also be 1-3 month(s) long. The start date is very flexible and depends on your personal / university requirements. If you need to write a research paper during your internship, you will get full company support and time to work on this paper. The amount of hours / week depends on how big the paper is & what you and your company agrees on.
  • Can I intern at the same place as my friends or live together with them?
    Of course! The only thing that's better than an island internship is an island internship together with your friends. If you want to bring friends, simply let us know! We can usually place you together at the same company and accommodation. It's a wonderful way to create life-long memories with people you care about. An island adventure, together.
  • Where will I live during my internship?
    Our established network of various accommodation offers you a wide selection of guest houses that offer very comfortable quality of life with a monthly price ranging from 2.500.000 IDR (166€) to 5.500.000 IDR (360€) depending on your preference and budget. Once you book through us you can count on our network and support to guarantee yourself an accommodation during your internship.
  • How do I travel to Lombok and how do I get to my accommodation once I arrive?
    We recommend you to book your flight at least 2 weeks before your arrival. Since Lombok has its own International Airport we recommend to book flights directly to Lombok. If you cannot find a direct flight from your home country to Lombok, you may want to fly to Jakarta first, and then take the plane from Jakarta to Lombok. Once you confirm your arrival time and date with us, one of our drivers will pick you up from the airport and bring you to your accommodation to make the start of your adventure as easy & worry-free as possible.
  • What is the transportation like? Do I need an international driving license?
    Once you arrive in Lombok you can choose between renting a scooter which are very affordable on a monthly basis. Or, if you don’t feel comfortable riding a scooter, you can easily order an a “Gojek” (Indonesian Uber) whenever you need one. To give you an idea of the cost. A scooter will cost around 900.000 IDR / month (58€). Whereas 1km on a “Gojek”, costs roughly ~ 0,13€. Yes, you read that correctly. Only 13 cents per kilometer! To make sure you're on the legal side, we always recommend you to have an international driving license to rent and ride a scooter in Indonesia. While we do not recommend it, driving without a license sets you back around 30€ depending on your negotiation skills, if you get stopped by the police.
  • I don’t speak Indonesian. How can I intern in Bali or Lombok?
    No worries. The companies we cooperate with always have person(s) in charge / colleagues who speak English to refer to during your internship. You can have your island internship without speaking the local language (Bahasa).
  • I am not a student anymore. Can I still do an island internship?
    Absolutely. Anyone who wants to have the experience to intern abroad can make this dream a reality with us. We are here to make it seamless and easy for you. Whether you are currently enrolled or not, does not matter. We make it work for you, either way.
  • Do I need health insurance when traveling to Bali or Lombok?
    While you are abroad it is always recommended to have a health insurance just in case of emergencies. After you purchase your favourite package, we help you choose from suitable travel insurances that other interns from your country commonly use without complaints. In case of emergencies we offer a 24/7 emergency support (e.g. making sure you know which hospital to approach and how to react appropriately & safely).
  • Where can I withdraw money in Bali or Lombok?
    There are countless ATM's located in Bali or Lombok for you to withdraw cash from at any time. To be extra-safe (just in case) while withdrawing money or making any transfers, we generally recommend you to only use authorised money changers and to preferably use ATM's that are inside the bank. To reduce conversion & withdrawal fees, most foreigner's (ourselves included) use a wise card. It's free. Set it up within 2 minutes on this link, so you don't forget it before your departure.
  • How is the internet in Indonesia? What's the cost of mobile data?
    Indonesia has surprisingly good internet. Of course, it always depends on the location but in general you will have great reception almost everywhere in both Bali and Lombok. If you ask at your accommodation it is likely that they have fibre-optic internet. Otherwise, most foreigners get a local sim card and top it up with mobile data. Should the internet ever be problematic, switching over to mobile hotspot with your phone usually solves any issue easily. Mobile data in Indonesia is very cheap. 35GB of high-speed internet sets you back around 100,000 IDR (~7€) for 30 days.
  • When is the latest date of payment of the program fee?
    We recommend to pay at least 3 weeks before your start date to make sure you have enough time to get prepared.

The island life is waiting.

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