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Everyone dreams it...

Living the Island Life

Palm trees, ocean, sunsets. Living life to the fullest! What if this day dream was real. What if this was my life, every day.

But I guess I'd have to pause my life to ‘enjoy life’. What would my parents think? Am I just waiting for something that'll never happen?

Bali Interns Relaxing in Pool


Any of these worries sound familiar? Good. Let's crush this way of thinking. Here’s the sweet truth: Everything is possible. 

Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy. Spoiler alert, we make the hard thing, easy. 

There's many ways to get to this dream, but most of them are hard and have trade-off's. The best way? Living my dream during an internship. No pausing on life. It's part of life. It's a chapter that pushes me further and grows me as a person.

My dream can be real!

It's easy. Just...

Live my Island Dream with an Island Internship.

The things you're going through and feel right now? We’ve been there: it's not easy to find an internship, especially abroad.


Countless applications, job interviews, rejections. There is so much uncertainty. Especially, if its a mandatory internship with university requirements.


Whether the company grants data access, thesis support & time to write on it during office hours. All of these things, you usually find out only when you already work there. That’s too late.

We've been there.

We feel your pain!

That's why we care.

Our founder literally failed his own internship thesis because he got zero data access. We will not let that happen to any other student.


Our partners are fully aware of this. If you need to write a paper - you get full support.


There’s too many dreams that never become real & too much struggle in the internship search. It’s the reason Island Internships was born. Why we build the best product we can, for you. We make the dream of an island internship Easy. Worry-free. Guaranteed.

_ IN PORTUGUESE - BRAZIL ___Esse foi um dia em que eu e minha namorada fomos viajar para o

Easy. Worry-Free. Guaranteed.

We make it easy. Say goodbye to stressful internship applications, interviews & rejections.

A worry-free way to travel with full assistance and 24/7 emergency help before & during your island stay.

We guarantee your internship placement or you get 100% of your money back. That's a promise.

What will it be like living the island dream?

Here's what others think


Laura (23) says

Moving to the island has been life changing! I never realised how much stress I’ve been in until I traded the city life for beaches & sunsets


Stijn (21) thinks

It's so much cheaper! I spend much less than what I pay in the Netherlands and I get a better quality of life. It's a win-win!!


Loes (22) shares

I love taking the scooter to visit waterfalls and secret beaches on my off-days or after work. I still can't believe that this is my life. I'm glad I came even though this was a scary, big step for me.

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There's more!

University Regulation

We want you to be confident with your decision. The only way to do so is to remove any regulation difficulties down the road. That's why we reach out to universities and their students to ensure their regulations are being met.
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The best of it?

Literally. Zero risk.

Money-Back Guarantee

What if we can’t find you a fitting internship? Easy. You get 100% of your money back. Guaranteed. You have nothing to lose - but everything to gain.

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It's easy.

4 steps to my island internship


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